About Us

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Nepal Mediators’ Society (NEMS) is a voluntary nongovernmental organization which was established on 20 September 2006 (2063/06/04 BS.) with a view to promote peaceful settlement of disputes through mediation, protection of human rights, rule of law and good governance. The society has 150 trained mediators from among judges, lawyers, court officials and member of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) who have been working as mediators to resolve dispute in different mediation centers. It also has more than 15 TOT trainers to conduct mediation training on court referred mediation. NEMS has been registered in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal as per the Institution Registration Act, 2034 BS with registration No. 301/2063/064 dated 20 September, 2006 (2063/06/04 BS.) It is affiliated to Social Welfare Council Nepal as per the Social Welfare Council Act, 2049 BS with affiliation No. 20746. It has also been registered with the tax office (PAN No. 600041119). At present, its office is located at Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.



To Promote Alternative Dispute Resolution in Nepal with special focus on mediation through generating awareness, carrying out research and conducing training about the mediation to court officials, lawyers, disputing parties, commoners, and other concerned stakeholder.



  1. Mediate court referred cases and other disputes relating to trading, industry, banking, labor finance and other cases suitable for mediation.
  2. Conduct training, conference, seminars, symposium,interaction programs and awareness programs for the purpose of enhancement of knowledge and practice of mediation.
  3. Develop training materials for Mediation Training particularly for court referred cases)
  4. Organize training programs to fulfill the demand of mediators
  5. Promote mediation program all over the country through cooperation and coordination amongst the mediators trained by different organizations.
  6. Develop cooperation with Supreme Court, Appellate Courts, District Courts, other judicial and quasi judicial bodies, tribunal or offices, Nepal Bar Association, donor agencies, media & elite groups.
  7. Develop peace and harmony among different groups of Nepalese society through the practice of mediation.
  8. Review existing laws and work to introduce an effective law on mediation.
  9. To generate awareness to the concern stakeholders about the importance of mediation for the resolution of disputes.


NEMS has adopted an inclusive approach and focuses on working with a wide cross section in the practice of mediation in Nepal. Our collaborating organizations in our activities as of now include:

  1. USAID/ Nepal/ The Asia Foundation (TAF)
  2. Supreme Court of Nepal(SCN)
  3. Appellate Court (AC)
  4. District Courts
  5. Mediators Beyond Border International (MBBI)
  6. ŸNepal Bar Association
  7. Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FNCCI)